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Hello and welcome to my capture pack for Tonex. I'm happy to present you my ten favorite sounds from my amp collection!

After the chew

With these ten different amp sounds you will be able to cover a wide range of styles. Through the Tonex capture method and a few of my secret ingredients in capturing the sounds, you are now able to use all these sounds for yourself.

Tonex does offer a few additional effects such as delay or modulation effects, but that's not exactly what it's made for in my opinion. It gives you the pure amp sound in the setting I captured very authentically and has functions such as gate, reverb and compressor in different variations.

Now for my top 10 sounds:

FR TOP 10 - Rock Lead 1: With this Marshall Capture (Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee) I show you my main solo sound, which sounds incredibly fat and smooth! He's great in every mix.

FR TOP 10 - Rock Lead 2: In this capture I tried to imitate the Slash sound based on the Marshall 2555.

FR Top 10 - Rock Rhythm: Here, too, we are dealing with the Marshall 2555 - a good rock rhythm that is outstanding. Fat, transparent and dirty!


FR Top 10 - Bluesbreaker: Who doesn't know and love the Beano Bluesbreaker sound? The basis here is a Marshall JTM 45 capture with an upstream Bluesbreaker pedal.

FR Top 10 - Deluxe Clean: Fender clean sounds are not one of the most popular for nothing. Here is a capture of my Fender Deluxe Reverb.

FR Top 10 - Dumbleish: I love the John Mayer sound. Here I tried to capture it, based on a Fender Deluxe Reverb with a clone pedal in front.

FR Top 10 - Vox AC15: An alternative to the Fender sound. The typical Vox edge-of-breakup sound that you know from countless recordings.

FR Top 10 - Metal Rhythm: This is where it gets heavy! Tight rhythm guitars are an absolute must in the metal genre. My Exodus Corsair amp with pedal served as the basis here.

FR Top 10 - Metal Lead: A metal lead sound at its finest, very dense and incredibly fun to shred on! Again a capture of my Exodus Corsair amp and pedal.

Fr Top 10 - Plexi: One of the most coveted sounds ever - the Plexi sound. Everyone has a different idea, because there isn't one Plexi sound. Here's my interpretation, based on a 1959 HW Plexi.

Have fun with the sound captures!
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Top 10 TONEX Captures

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